Fuck Facebook

Is everyone you’re “friends” with on facebook really your “friend?”
Is everything you “like” on facebook something you really “like?”

What effect does this have on language?
What do you think about how it filters into the way you think about everything, about your real “friends” and about the things you really “like?”

When you co-opt friendship
When you co-opt your ability to like
When you turn these into tools which allow you to assert positively to those around you feelings that you don’t really have —-
What happens?

You start to distance yourself from your real feelings, bit by bit
These tiny lies push themselves into the minuscule creases in your self-understanding, self-image…

And suddenly you don’t know what you like
You don’t know who your friends are, or you’re friends with people who you don’t really like

I’ve been thinking a lot, recently, about the tradeoffs between anxiety and unhappiness

I think that facebook is a tool that allows people to trade their social anxieties for quiet unhappinesses

I have no idea if Ello is well designed, or the future of social media, or whatever-the-fuck

But until facebook has a “dislike button” or an “enemy” relationship, I don’t think it can genuinely reflect reality

And as a disingenuous reflection of social reality it can only corrupt our ability to relate to each other genuinely

It is a mirror into which we look, and whose reflection we like, but as time goes on we become lost in that mirror — we forget what is real and what is illusion…

And our world, the world, suffers for it

And who gains?

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