On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

“And as unfair as it might be that you have to vote for Clinton, whom you dislike so much, think about the millions of people who will have something far worse happen to them if we elect President Trump.”

This is the key sentence in this piece and articulates what I’ve been saying for the past several months. The author has created a fictional account of what one of the privileged, self-centered people who refuse to vote for Clinton due to their precious “principles” might say in the wake of a Trump presidency. You know…those people who, let’s face it, won’t really suffer all that much personally should Trump be elected.

I would like to ask some of you who are posting in response that same question. Please tell us, via an EXACT QUOTE, what you will say when — in the midst of a Trump presidency in which he manages to carry out some of his promises — a person of color, a Muslim-American, or someone living in poverty asks you who you voted for in the 2016 election, and WHY?

You don’t have to convince me of the righteousness of your position. No…I want to know exactly what you will say as you look that person in the eye and tell him or her why your “conscience” is more important than his or her real-world suffering.

Please don’t try to weasel out of this with sarcasm or any other device. Just put it between the quotation marks.

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