3 Frequently Forgotten Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Ask these three important, but frequently forgotten, questions before hiring a moving company. By being prepared, you may be less stressed on moving day.

It’s time to pack up your possessions and move to a new place. Here are some questions many people forget to ask themselves and their professional movers in Alpharetta, GA.

1. How Much Is It Going to Cost to Move and What Does It Include?

Estimates are only estimations of the time and labor the movers may expend on your behalf in moving your belongs from point A to point B. That is understood. What isn’t understood is the special surprise you may get when the bill arrives. So don’t be afraid to ask your estimator questions that seem redundant or even ridiculous. You never know what the answer will be, and it may surprise you.

Examples are: How many movers will actually be touching your items? Are they hourly employees or paid by the moving company in Alpharetta, GA? Who pays the truck fuel costs? If moving takes longer than estimated (and it almost always does), how much will overtime cost? Will your furniture be wrapped for transport and if so, who pays the cost of the wrappings? Does a weekend move cost more than a weekday? Who pays for hotel costs and meals for the movers in a cross country move? Do you save money if you pack your own possessions or does that cancel the availability of insurance?

2. Are the Employees Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

You expect the movers in Alpharetta, GA. to be licensed and insured and you probably checked before you even called to have them give an estimate. But it is more important to know if the employees of the company are licensed, bonded and insured. Too often the moving companies may pay hourly employees to load or unload the moving trucks with little regard to your precious possessions.

What do you need to know? Licensing is done by the state, which then permits the company and their employees to do business within state boundaries. Insurance is purchased from a company to protect you in case someone harms themselves while moving your items. A bonded employee of a moving company in Alpharetta, GA. has had a background check by a bonding company. The insurance company then finds the person trustworthy enough to insure with a bond which protects you from theft.

3. How Prepared Will the Movers Be For This Move?

The estimator has a short window of time in your home. They need to look in every closet, in the garage and outbuildings, and even in the attic. But it is just as important for the estimator to measure hallway widths, check the availability of elevators and their depth, measure stairways, and even measure windows. Any opening the furniture moves through should be measured. Too often the refrigerator or sofa won’t fit through a door or around the entry way and into the stairwell. It’s Murphy’s Law.

If the estimator doesn’t take any measurements and doesn’t ask you any questions about what you expect, then mark him off the list and try again.

It’s Your Life Packed Into Cardboard Boxes

Moving may be stressful, but you can make it less so by finding trusted movers in Alpharetta, GA. By asking the forgotten questions, you might stave off the unexpected and you can be assured you are working with trusted professionals.