Fountain News: Big Town Chef Weekly Update — 8th July 2022

Genesis Chef Clubhouse: Soft-staking

Genesis Chef Clubhouse

Genesis Chef NFT Giveaway

Genesis Chef NFT Giveaway

Stats the way we like it

Genesis Chef NFTs


  • Items: 10.0K
  • Owners: 3.2K
  • Floor price: 0.029 ETH
  • Total volume: 258 ETH


  • Twitter followers: 116.7K
  • Discord members: 113K

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Gino's Big Town Chef

Gino's Big Town Chef

10K 3D chef avatar NFTs: your ticket to — P2E farming, trading & cook-off battle game a.k.a. The Metaverse’s Kitchen™ powered by $BURP. 35+ team