Genesis Chef Clubhouse: Soft-staking

Genesis Chef Clubhouse

🗣 Hear ye, hear ye!

I hereby call all residents of Big Town to the Town Square — for I, Mayor Burp, have an important announcement.

Ahem… *taps mic*

Hello, my dearest Chefs!

I just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for choosing to enter the fantastical world of Big Town, by minting a Genesis Chef NFT 🙏.

To show my appreciation — today, I’m delighted to formally announce my all-new soft-staking rewards program — the Genesis Chef Clubhouse 🏰!

What is the Genesis Chef Clubhouse?

The Genesis Chef Clubhouse is my most exclusive private members club, accessible 🔑 only to Genesis Chef NFT holders.

The Clubhouse, which is located here in the Town Square, is the elite 🎩 hideout for the first 10,000 early residents of Big Town, and has been built to reward Genesis Chefs both for their faith in my vision and their unrelenting loyalty ❤️.

What is soft-staking?

Soft-staking is similar to regular staking, however — with soft-staking — you maintain custody of your Chef, meaning you stay in complete control and still get all the tasty rewards 🤤. ALSO there’ll be no gas fees when you soft-stake! What’s not to love 🥰?

How do rewards work?

The longer you’re a member of the Genesis Chef Clubhouse, the better your rewards 🔥!

When you soft-stake your Chef in the Clubhouse, your membership will upgrade over time from Bronze, to Silver, Gold, and then to Platinum — earning you increasingly higher 📈 APR on your BURP as you progress.

(Don’t forget — the play-to-earn ecosystem of the upcoming Gino’s Big Town Chef game will be powered by BURP. Players will be required to hold and spend the token to access cornerstone features of the gameplay.)

PLUS you will also be gifted a growing number of Town Hall Raffle tickets 🎟️, giving you the greatest opportunity to win valuable partner NFTs and many more exclusive NFT releases from Gino’s Big Town Chef 🤯.

Trust me — you will not want to miss out on the next Town Hall Raffle 👀. The prizes I’ve got lined-up are set to cause an earthquake in Big Town ⛲.

Extra rewards to Chefs with high Passion boost

Wait — that’s not all. As you know, my vision is to cement Big Town as the land’s Mecca of food. Where Chefs are treated like rockstars, and paid like them too. 🎸 So — to achieve this, I need my most passionate Chefs 💖.

That’s why — to ensure passionate Chefs stay to help me complete my mission — Genesis Chefs with a high Passion boost will receive even more BURP and Town Hall Raffle ticket rewards 🔥.

When can I soft-stake my Chef?

Hold your Chef trucks 🛻💨! The Genesis Chef Clubhouse will be open very shortly…

Sneak peeks of the Genesis Chef Clubhouse user interface

Sneak peeks of the Genesis Chef Clubhouse user interface

Here in Big Town, we’re focussed on the long-term picture, developing a groundbreaking play-to-earn game 🎮 in ‘The Metaverse’s Kitchen’ — the virtual world’s home of food.

I hope this announcement demonstrates my commitment to you, my loyal, unwavering and ever-inspiring Genesis Chefs 👌!

So — who’s ready to join the Clubhouse? 🏰

Mayor Burp 🖋

Want more? Jump into Big Town…




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