Genesis Chef Clubhouse is now OPEN!

Clubhouse Now Open

The worst kept secret in Big Town is finally here! That’s right, the highly anticipated Genesis Chef Clubhouse is now open and welcoming the Chefs that pass through its doors with a refreshing glass of $BURP and some delicious raffle tickets. Visit the Clubhouse now, as we take a look at what it’s all about.

Genesis Chef Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a members-only club exclusively available to the Genesis Chefs. To enter, you’ll need to have at least one Genesis Chef in your wallet. Adding your Chef to the Clubhouse is similar to staking (although your Chef remains in your wallet the whole time). You’ll earn rewards in the form of $BURP and raffle tickets for the NFT Raffle which can be claimed in the Clubhouse from Monday every week. The longer you leave your Chef in the Clubhouse, the better the rewards get!

Tasty Rewards

Each week, 200,000 $BURP is added to a smart contract to be shared amongst all the Chefs in the Clubhouse. How much you earn depends on how long your Chef has been in the Clubhouse. Chefs added to the Clubhouse start out as Bronze level for the first seven days. From day eight Chefs reach the Silver level, from day 29 — Gold, and from day 71 — Platinum. The rewards at each level will vary dynamically as the number of Chefs at each level in the Clubhouse changes. Rewards can be claimed from the Monday of each week by connecting to the Clubhouse on the Polygon network and then using the Claim button.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: All first-week joined of the Clubhouse will automatically enter at a silver level, meaning you fast-track the 8 day requirement! You can’t say the Mayor isn’t generous… 👀

Leaving The Clubhouse

Like any good private members club, there are almost no rules. However, to remain in the Clubhouse and keep earning rewards, we ask that your Chef is not listed for sale and does not leave your wallet at any time. If we detect that your Chef has been listed for sale on OpenSea, LooksRare, or X2Y2 then it will be removed from the Clubhouse and your rewards will stop. Similarly, if we detect that your Chef has left your wallet (e.g. you’ve sold it, moved it to your cold wallet, or added it to a smart contract) then your rewards will also stop.

We look forward to seeing you in the Clubhouse soon! Don’t forget to snap up some extra Chefs to earn yourself even more…maybe one with a high Passion boost? Just an idea…👀

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