Gino’s Big Town Chef – An open letter to all Chefs – By tomalliso

Co-founder of Gino’s Big Town Chef — tomalliso — answers your questions in a super-transparent open letter to all Chefs.

Hey Chefs,

Firstly, there’ll be no Fountain News this week. You’re stuck with me, instead.

Whether it be queries regarding game development, marketing activity, or the price of $BURP, there has been, and understandably so, a feast of questions sent to the team via the Gino’s Big Town Chef Discord.

And so, I will be addressing these key issues and more in this open letter to all Chefs.

How we got here

Having established Gino’s Big Town Chef in November 2021, the Co-Founders and I, plus a team of over 50 members of staff, embarked on a challenge. Our challenge was to develop a cook-off battle game inside a GameFi metaverse, and build the world’s largest community of food-lovers. All of which contributing to our overarching mission to provide compelling and sustainable utility for $BURP, our pre-existing ERC-20 token. Our mission remains the same to this day.

In the months that followed, we secured world famous celebrity chef, Gino D’Acampo as project owner, amassed over 250K community members across social platforms, and partnered with Polygon Studios — as well as a host of blockbuster NFT collections (such as Cryptowalkers, Polychain Monsters and Rumble Kong League, to name just a few). We also founded the Big Town Food Foundation, a charitable initiative, harnessing the power and goodwill of community to accomplish impactful philanthropic missions. These efforts would later become the driving forces behind an extensive, highly-effective marketing campaign, which reached its climax in the run-up to our Genesis Chef NFT mint.

Now, for something you didn’t know… Prior to the mint, we were in direct conversation with a high-profile game studio. However, the NFT market was evolving. The winds had dramatically changed since the highs of the winter months. And NFT mint values had dropped to such an extent that free mints became the latest expectation.

To ensure our Genesis Chef NFT mint was a sell-out, and for the betterment of our project and community, we decided to run a free mint too. Consequently, we paused our relationship with the game studio and continued building Big Town in-house with a smaller, dedicated team of seasoned crypto, NFT and gaming experts.

In addition, we made the difficult decision to downsize our internal team to guarantee the sustainability of the project. This, naturally, has since impeded our ability to develop Big Town at the speed we had planned, and market the project at the frequency and quality we had delivered in the past.

Where we are now

We remain a team committed to delivering the cook-off battle game inside a GameFi metaverse, and to building the world’s largest community of food-lovers. We’re also still very much dedicated to achieving our overarching mission to provide compelling and sustainable utility for $BURP.

Our record of delivering products over the recent months is a testament to the team’s continued devotion. We launched the Genesis Chef Clubhouse in July, we drew our first Town Hall Raffle in October, and your Big Town Pets free claim is just around the corner. We’ve shipped everything we’ve promised so far, and have no plans on stopping.

As for the all-important development of the game — as seen in sneak-peek imagery, a truly navigable Big Town map is currently under construction, in which fully game-rigged 3D Chef characters can freely traverse. This includes the much-loved Town Square, Farmers’ Market, and Cook-Off Battle Arena. We can also confirm that we’ll be releasing a Big Town walk-through video next month and a gameplay trailer in the new year.

Our attentions will then turn to the cook-off battle mechanics. But it’s going to take time. And to be transparent, the game’s release in Q1/Q2 2023 is regrettably off the table. The Outlands land sale is also being pushed back to later next year, prior to the game’s release.

Whilst we appreciate this delay may be cause for great frustration, we kindly ask for your patience. In exchange, the team will continue to keep the Big Town community engaged, and in the interest of the project, we hope our Genesis Chef holders, $BURP investors, and fellow food-lovers, will join us.

$BURP token

The current downtrend in the NFT market — and in crypto as a whole — is no secret. And we would be lying if we said it hasn’t affected our ERC-20 token. Low trading volumes has resulted in $BURP being delisted from centralised exchanges and the price has experienced a gradual decline.

However, we don’t think this is an immediate problem. The economic infrastructure of the GameFi metaverse will be dedicated to driving up $BURP utility/demand and driving down $BURP supply. For this reason, we believe one can only judge $BURP when Big Town is released, and such tokenomics have been realised. Therefore, we keenly ask community members to turn their attentions to Big Town. $BURP’s time will come, but until then, we urge you to focus on the utility that will get us there.

We understand this position on $BURP is a sensitive one. We realise we have a number of community members who invested in $BURP before the conception of Gino’s Big Town Chef, and continue to hold. To those individuals, we thank you, and assure you that when it comes to $BURP ownership, I speak for myself and the team when I say that all our interests are aligned.

And where we are going

I can now reveal that Gino’s Big Town Chef is part of the Block3 Group parent holding company, a group of integrated products and services, building a pioneering CeDeFi ecosystem set to unlock the world’s first truly-accessible GameFi metaverse — Gino’s Big Town Chef. To achieve this, Block3 Group is currently exercising a Pre-Series A round of fundraising to scale development, marketing and operations over the next 18+ months.

To be clear, the Gino’s Big Town Chef team *is* the Block3 Group team. We’re one and the same. Always have been. A small band of brothers and sisters (and Chefs!) working across multiple products. Whilst we wanted to announce this sooner, it was impossible whilst the group were navigating regulatory jurisdictions.

Now, let’s dive into Block3 Group and find out what this means for Gino’s Big Town Chef…

Block3 Group

Block3 Group uniquely combines 3 products in powerful harmony — the highly-successful Ferriswheel crypto and NFT trading suite, $BURP ERC-20 token, and the upcoming Gino’s Big Town Chef GameFi metaverse.

The group boasts an extensive proven track record and is now primed for growth. Highlights include:

  • Operational since 2014 (8 years) with 30+ collective years of deep domain experience across crypto, NFTs and gaming
  • Experienced and capable management team with strong track record of innovation and execution
  • Significant traction with 82,000+ verified customers
  • Licensed EU entity with robust regulatory and governance framework
  • Class of 2021 graduate of industry-leading Web3 accelerator: Outlier Ventures
  • Successfully raised $6,500,000 in 2021 from leading VCs
  • World-famous celebrity backed and partnered
  • Restructured operations with lean and highly cost-efficient model, prepared for scale

Block3 Group’s senior advisors possess 60+ collective years of crypto, NFTs, gaming, fintech and investment banking experience, across top 50 crypto and FTSE 100 companies, and are advising 100+ Web3 projects.

The group has notable investors such as NGC Ventures, and Yield Guild Games, best-in-class partners such as The Sandbox, BitGo and Elliptic, and — as you know — is in deep collaboration with world-famous celebrity chef, Gino D’Acampo.


In addition to Gino’s Big Town Chef and $BURP, Block3 Group is also the parent holding company of Ferriswheel, a crypto and NFT trading suite of products.

Founded in 2014, Ferriswheel is licensed with the Bank of Lithuania as a Virtual currency exchange operator and Depository virtual currency wallet operator, and has since acquired 82,000+ verified customers.

The suite consists of Ferriswheel OTC, an over-the-counter Bitcoin trading service, and, a cryptocurrency trading platform. is a user-centred designed, end-to-end cryptocurrency trading platform, with FIAT on-and-off ramps via FPS/SEPA. The trading platform will now be entering into a new and exciting era, as it builds the world’s first dual-custody, all-in-one NFT financialisation platform, bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi. is set to offer insured custody of NFTs and services such as NFT buying and selling…

…NFT borrow and lending…

…and NFT fractionalisation…

…PLUS metaverse key and custody. Do you see where we’re going with this…?

CeDeFi ecosystem

Thanks to the Ferriswheel dual-custody wallet, Gino’s Big Town Chef will be one of the world’s first truly-accessible GameFi metaverses. In practical terms, it will allow players, who wish not to connect to Big Town via their DeFi wallet, to use a more user-friendly, insured centralised platform with FIAT on-and-off ramps.

Whether you’re a DeFi Degen, or someone who’s never owned crypto, the dual-custody wallet will allow just about anyone join the race to become Big Town’s most celebrated Chef. And remember, the more players — the more valuable a Genesis Chef (and subsequent seasons of Chefs) — the more valuable $BURP is set to become.

Plus, the advantages don’t stop there. Genesis Chef holders and $BURP investors are also set to receive benefits when using, such as discounted trading and withdrawals.

In summary, the Ferriswheel dual-custody wallet is set to unlock an impactful, co-beneficial CeDeFi ecosystem, which will enable retail customers of Ferriswheel and Gino’s Big Town Chef players to move freely between the two services, enjoying easy access, cheaper trading and insured custody.


As mentioned previously, Block3 Group is currently exercising a Pre-Series A round of funding to scale development, marketing and operations over the next 18+ months. Following a successful raise, the team will be announcing an accelerated product roadmap, including the development of the cook-off battle game mechanics, the GameFi metaverse in full, and the Ferriswheel dual-custody, all-in-one NFT financialisation platform. All of which — and I reiterate — to achieve our overarching mission to provide compelling and sustainable utility for $BURP.

Woah — that was a long one!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this open letter, Chefs.

Whilst I understand delays are disappointing, I hope you are as excited as I am about the future of Gino’s Big Town Chef and it’s role in the Block3 Group CeDeFi ecosystem. When you combine the team’s proven track record with the scale and ambition of our operation, I think this project is a Chef you’d want to back in battle.

I am very grateful for your continued support.

Thank you.

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