Crypto Day Trading Strategy Quick Look

Bit of a brain dump below:

Been working hard on my crypto day trading strategy. I am liking where I am at with it, but not to a point of doing a full post on the strategy yet. The basics of what I am looking for is I look on poloniex for cryptos which have adequate volatility and volume. LSK, DGB, STR, XRP are the most common BTC pairs I have been trading.

Lower priced pairs tend to make better percentage moves. I use the tradingview/coinigy measuring tool to measure recent hourly bars. Are there several 5%+ bars? If so that is the type of volatility I want to see. I also prefer to see the daily chart be in an uptrend as I cannot short. I am looking for 5% for my first target typically and 10%+ for the second target. Sometimes there is just not any 5%’s available so I will go for 2,3,4%. Just depends on the day. LSK has been super lately.

Originally published at Speculate Freedom.

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