Sign Up for the Discord Trading Discussion Group

I didn’t get a tremendous response from this post, but I am going to start the sign-ups for the trading discussion group anyways. If I get a decent number of people signed up by January 12th, I will send out the invites on January 13th. Here is the google form that you will need to fill out. Note there are only a few mandatory fields. The rest are optional.

After considering multiple options, I settled on Discord as the platform. It has more of the features I am wanting. I am going to have two groups, newer traders who can view every channel and post in quite a few. There will be a few channels new traders cannot post in, this is to keep the beginner type questions to a minimum in areas where high level discussion is occurring. Then there will be a group called experienced traders that can post anywhere. I am not going to strictly vet whether you are an experienced trader or not. This is done on the honor system. I can always move you up to the experienced trader group whenever you fell you are ready.

Discord also has voice channels available. I will have a few of those channels available as well, but the majority of channels will be text only.

Here is the form again:

Originally published at Speculate Freedom.