My Bucket List

Some of the things I want to do before kick the bucket.

  • Create a bucket list
    Done: I added my bucket list to this site.
  • Be interviewed
    Done: Because of the story with Forest, I have been on Radio BBC several times and I got to appear in Four Four Two Magazine.
  • Win a contest
    Done: After (or because of) blowing up our stove, I won the Hardee’s Kitchen Disasters Contest.
  • Learn to juggle
    Done: Three balls, a few YouTube vidoes, a lot of cuss words — and I’m juggling!
  • Publish my genealogy study
  • Learn to tie a Monkey’s Paw
    Done: I started small and now I’m working my way to bigger ones.
  • Attend a Nottingham Forest match at City Ground
    Done: The Club summed up our journey and our visit here.
  • Take an RV trip
    Done: We hit the road and visited home.
  • Give a TED Talk
  • Live abroad for a year
  • Become good with a foot bag and play in a circle
  • Attend a concert from backstage
  • Attend a TV show taping