What is eLIM?

biix for buildings
Feb 6, 2019 · 2 min read

enterprise Level Information Management

In 2018, biix invented the concept of an information management system for buildings called eLIM. It ties in with another invention of biix: the world’s first search engine for buildings.

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eLIM is a system, not a product itself. It strikes at the heart of the problem with managing information in buildings: you can’t find what you need or you can’t easily get to it.

biix give you extraordinarily powerful tools to find information in your buildings!

What is eLIM?

eLIM describes what biix is and what it does. It’s the sum biix’s many features that turbocharges the value of biix.

How does biix work?

biix is essentially a dashboard that plugs you into a variety of ways to get to your information or document. Historically, to find a document has meant following a singular navigation path. But biix gives you multiple paths to the same document.

In that sense, biix has three primary functions:

  1. It’s a graphical interface that creates a seamless user experience
  2. It intuitively ties various decentralized information sources together
  3. It utilizes standardized organizational methods to enable highly robust enterprise management of information
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How does biix search?

biix provides users with a highly organized and intuitive dashboard with which to search for information. biix searches are organized in ways that make sense, including the use of:

  1. Search by enterprise > campus > building
  2. Search by construction phases
  3. Search by trades
  4. Search by individual asset
  5. Search by tags
  6. Search via biix smartTags
  7. Search using the biix virtual tour engine: Building Guru
  8. Access via hot links embedded in BMS/control graphics
  9. Through third party integrations
  10. Search by utilizing built-in biix short-cuts
  11. Search via key documents

That’s up to 11 different ways to get to the same document!

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There’s never been a search engine for buildings until biix.

biix makes what was formerly impossible, simple and easy.

Smarter Building, Smarter You.

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