Letting your children go

A Poem by Bijal Shah

Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash

One day they will blossom into their own
One day they will walk out of that door to live their lives
They will be people in their own right.
They may be similar to you
They may be completely different
They may adopt your values and ideas
They may totally reject them
You might see them all the time
You might see them once in a blue moon.
They must however go on to fulfill their own life
Their own ambitions and dreams
And we as parents must let them do so
Cheerleading from the sides.
No longer children, that time has gone.
Let’s cherish those memories living in our minds
And be grateful that we have them.
If they have learnt the art of survival,
They will be fine.
Have faith. They now belong to the future.