Life’s a Series of Journeys

A Poem by Bijal Shah

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

A journey’s death births another.

A reincarnation.

A natural pause to take stock and reflect.

To batter unhelpful habits.

To hit reset.

To rein in life’s challenges.

To realign to the bigger vision.


To smile in the face of memories.

To celebrate.

To cry for good times gone.

For special times that inevitably ended.

For time that no longer is.

To mourn loss.

Each journey breaking the groundhog routine of life.

Forcing us to reiterate, pivot and optimise.

Quietly demanding that we re-evaluate

To learn valuable lessons.

Permit celebration.

Merge excitement and hope.

Making sense of life.

Building character.

Diversifying life experience.

Making us whole.

It’s not one long road.

It’s zig zags.

Surprising turning points that compound.

Building momentum to a gigantic long game.

That in hindsight is absolutely perfect.

It’s ultimately our story.