The Corporate Bully vs The People

A poem by Bijal Shah

Aggressive practices, misleading information

Lack of transparency, hidden agendas

Premiums beyond market rates

What is the rationale for this anti-social behaviour!

The pursuit of higher profits

I feel cheated, numb, angry

Or wait am I just a fool?

Big bully monopolies vs the people

Where is the government and its anti-competitive policies?

Dear God, give me the courage to speak up.

Do we pay or do we revolt?

Out of principle, I will not pay

They can threaten me with poor credit scores

Justice is justice

I stand strongly by my morals

The pursuit of money at all costs

Is like a growing cancer to society

Robbing them of their right to fair treatment

Diminishing their peace of mind

Slowly chipping away at their mental health

You know how to make a tidy profit

But you cannot tell right from wrong

I hope one day you pay it forward

Maybe then I will forgive you

But only once justice has been served.