A Poem by Bijal Shah

Photo by Ashley Rich on Unsplash

Change, transition, novelty all excite me

The opportunities they offer

The melting pot of people I will meet

Unknown, charming places I will visit

Delicious experiences I will immerse myself in

Change happens overnight, an overwhelming, unsettling feeling creeps in

Craving my life before, home comforts dearly missed

Wishing I could be transported back, anxiety and fear taking hold

Mixed feelings and ambivalence hit me as I reconcile excitement and anxiety

Is this the curse of the unsettled?

Unsettled ay home, unsettled away, unsettled now, unsettled back then

Maybe this is life with its ups and downs

The grass always greener, maybe it’s time to water it here

Embrace the present and kiss its highs

Or remain haunted forever

When we lose something, we gain something else

Resistance creates sorrow; instead surrender to the present

And we will find ourselves in the flow of life

It is more powerful than you think

The present changes our view of the past and the future

Life is a series of transitions

The butterfly is born at the end of a season of transition

During which the caterpillar endures painful isolation

Whilst the transitions may be difficult, the moments are filled with joy

Embrace every moment, they hold silver linings, give us hope and allow us to feel settled again.