The Landing Site

This landing site was created by the locals with their bare hands by converting a local school’s playground to “lure” relief helicopters. They had heard that only villages with a landing spot for helicopters were getting relief materials. Sadly, none had came to their aid beside a small air drop in day # 2 of the first quake (yes, this is how the timeline relationship has changed). The stones behind the chopper are from the classrooms that had crumbled from the quakes. When our medical team landed, a group of villagers rushed to the chopper looking for food. We offered to bring non-medical supplies with our empty shuttles and so we did. There was an overwhelming need for medical care and we ended up staying another extra day. It can take hours to days to walk from one village to the other.

Landing Site
Khorla Village, Gorkha

One medevac, 350 plus patients seen, lots of stories of despair and a life-changing story of hope & determination.