David versus Goliath on the Field of Physics

Amrit Srečko Šorli
Jan 11 · 6 min read

My love for physics has stated in my childhood. I was staring in the night sky and wondering about the universal vastness. My experience was that the universe is alive, that we humans are just a tiny part of a huge infinite cosmos.

In primary school, I got the best notes but I never spent my time with books. I was outside in the forest near our house. I love to be in nature. In middle school, my only interest was mathematics and physics, but I was disappointed seeing the teachers do not know anything about the subjects on their own, they just teach us what they read in books.

I choose to study geodesy. The only reason was it was an outside job. I could not imagine spending my life in the office. I graduated in 1980 and worked a few years as an engineer. Spending a lot of time in nature I was happy but boring. The work was not challenging enough. My interest in these days was “deja vu” effect. It happens to me a few time a weak. Time has stopped and I had a strong experience of timelessness. It might happen also to you. I think it happens to all. Maybe on some special occasions, but this strange experience of timelessness is common to all humans.

“Deja vu” effect increases my interest of what time really is. I was reading all books on time and started with the study of Einstein’s Relativity. Einstein view on time was revolutionary. He has denied the existence of physical time. In a few years of study, I became aware that science is still living in the illusion of linear time. There is no linear time in physical existence. The universe is utterly timeless. In the universe, the time has only mathematical existence. Time is the numerical sequential order of events in space. Events have no duration on their own. Duration, in order to exist, has to be measured. I was deeply impressed by my discoveries. This is how my story “David versus Goliath on the Field of Physics” started.

Back in 1990, I organized the conference on time in “Cankarjev dom” in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Cankarjev dom is a prestigious place. Around 8 professors from different faculties were invited. My biggest adversary was physicist Prof. Janez Strnad. He strongly objected my idea of time having only the mathematical existence. He was representative of the old school of physics where time is 4th dimension of space.

The conference was good, the debates were constructive. My insight was that philosophers see time in their own way, physicists in their own way, psychologists in their own way. But in the universe, there is only one time. So many different pictures about time for me was a big challenge. My vision was to develop science where natural and human sciences will be unified and will see time and the entire universe including life with the same eyes.

I was disappointed and angry that my vision on time was not well accepted. Since it was so obvious and crystal clear that there is no time in the physical universe. I’m very stubborn and so I decided to publish an article on time having only the mathematical existence. I took me 24 years to achieve my goal. 7th of October 2014 Springer journal “Foundations of Physics” published an article titled “Perspectives of the Numerical Order of Material Changes in Timeless Approaches in Physic” together with Italian physicist Davide Fiscaletti.

We proved with all necessary scientific arguments that time has only the mathematical existence. I was happy and waiting that someone calls me to participate on time research on some important university or institute. For me, this 27 pages long article with the lucid insight about real nature of time was a remarkable achievement. But nothing has happened. I have seen physics is not interested in the truth. It is interested only in getting money for their research, publishing articles, going on conferences and having all the glory. Nobody was interested in my paradigm shift vision of science, especially a new vision of physics.

24 years of study on time has broadhead my knowledge of physics in general. I developed the entire Theory of Relativity empowered with two new insights: time has mathematical existence and space has variable density. Each physical objects is diminishing density of space exactly for the amount of its energy. I extended Einstein’s formula “energy is mass multiplied with light speed on the square” and succeed to publish the article in Scientific Reports 13the of August 2019 titled “Mass–Energy Equivalence Extension onto a Superfluid Quantum Vacuum”. This article symbolically means the stone that David has thrown in the Goliath’s forehead and put him on the ground.

But the Goliath, who symbolises the old paradigm of physics is not dead yet. He is just wounded. He will try to fight back. My second article “Advances of Relativity Theory” that I send to Scientific Reports was refused. Some grey eminences called the chief editor and complain about my first article. They did not write to me, they did not write a comment on my article, they put some pressure on the editor. They would like my article to be removed because the new light is coming into physics. They do not like light, they want to grope in the darkness of supersymmetry, Big Bang cosmology and cyclotron physics forever. I manage to publish it in the preprints of the MDPI science publishing house from Switzerland. But my article “Black Holes are rejuvenating Systems of the Universe” MDPI did not take in the preprint. Nobody has the courage to say that the Big Bang model is an absolute failure. Not only Big Bang, but the entire cyclotron physics is also false. None of the particles discovered in cyclotrons has an independent existence in the physical universe. All these particles are momentary fluxes of energy released here and there in collisions. They immediately disappear back into the energy of space.

I know for physics this a big shock. Nobody is ready to see the truth. I’m an early birth singing the truth. This is the story of my life. 35 years of research to discover that Big Bang cosmology and cyclotron physics are dead branches of physics. They should give me at least three Nobel prizes. But they would like to put me down, to make my work invisible. Why physics is in such a deep psychological crisis avoiding the truth? I would be more than happy someone comments my articles and say me where I’m wrong. The reason is: last fifty years of physics is “man-made”, it is man mind creation of how things should be. The observer in this physics is dead. Physics of the last fifty years has lost self-reflection. It has become its own religion. Physicists are convincing each other how they are right. There is no confrontation. If you have a different opinion you are out of the game.

The progress of physics is in confrontation. In my articles, there is no mistake because all my work is based on bijective research methodology where every element in the model has exactly one correspondent element in physical reality. I’m not inventing new elements in the theory in order to describe something as fore example Higgs mechanism is a pure invention to describe the origin of particles mass. If physicists would know the difference between inertial mass and mass as the amount of energy Higgs mechanism would ever be invented.

Today physics suffers mainly from not distinguishing model from physical reality. Physicists are thinking their models are a physical reality. This is because they are totality identified with their minds. Once you are conscious the way your mind works you will do the best job. You will use your mind as a tool, you will be free of tour own psychological time. You will create physics from the divine perspective of the conscious observer as Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Ervin Schrodinger did.

I’m not against Goliath. I just want to open his eyes so he will see the universe with the pure eyes free of past and old knowledge. I want a Goliath to become a divine dancer. Becoming one with the universe and spontaneously entering the deeper knowledge. You can really know about something you search by becoming one with it

Amrit Srečko Šorli

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Gazing at the night sky, I wonder: who was so bold that he thought the universe has a beginning and the end? I will fix Physics!

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