How to Get the Most From the Salesforce Developer Community

Little Background of How I Became a Salesforce Developer

I have studied MCa from Mysore, India. I always wanted to be a developer. I used to spend a lot of time on coding specially C. I got an opportunity to participate in a coding champion and became winner. Chief guest was one MD of a Bangalore based company. He was very happy and given me intrenship in his company.

I joined his company as a intern and started working on a web based project. At that time i heard a lot about salesforce from one of my team member. He mentioned that it’s not too tough to learn and career is much better in future.

I then decided to learn salesforce and make my career in it. I downloaded some pdf from

internet and started learning.

Initially i faced some difficulty because i had no idea how it works and also platform and design was looking completely different. I also faced much problem in terminology which salesforce uses like campaign, lead, opportunity etc. but once i started learning i got familiar with these terminology and now i am very confident in salesforce.

Steps to learn:

You need to follow some steps to learn salesforce better. As of my knowledge my suggestions are mentioned below:

  • First of all you need to create one developer account from
  • After creating account download platform fundamental book and follow it.
  • To better understand learn from Trailhead

Learn and spend some time on salesforce when you feel confortable then go for salesforce

certification exam. Complete some certification which can enhance your chances to get job.

Find a local Salesforce Developer Meetup group

If you really interested in learning salesforce then find any salesforce developer meetup group which is nearest to you. You will get to know much more idea about salesforce. These group can help you in many ways to become a successful salesforce developer.

I would like to suggest website which you may help you to finding local salesforce developer group.

Get the most from an in-person meeting

We know that meeting with someone is the feeling of reality to the situation. Physical meetings give you a chance to evaluate your prospect’s body language as well as what he’s saying. And since body language is usually more honest than verbal language, this will give you a significant advantage in figuring out what he really wants.You can also convey more information yourself through body language. So be sure you’re sending the right messages.

Sites which you can visit to ask questions or share knowledge about Salesforce development

If you are a salesforce developer then you better know which site is best but if you are not then i would love to suggest some sites which can help you to share and ask questions about salesforce.

There are numerous sites which you can visit like:

  1. forum
  2. salesforce.stackexchange

And many more…

Salesforce has a large number of community with highly talented and knowledgable people.
From them you can also get much help when you join the community.