Surgical gloves: Gateway to protection

Medical gloves are those disposable gloves that are used during medical examination. They prevent the cross contamination between patients and doctors or for that matter, any care giver. There are however two main kinds of surgical gloves: one for examination and the other for surgical. Surgical gloves are ones that have precise sizing with much precision and sensitivity. They are made to meet the high standard and delicateness. Examination gloves on the other hand are made from sterile or non-sterile material. Surgical gloves are however are generally sterile.

Medical gloves are made from different kind of polymers like the latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride and neoprene. Also some come powdered while others can be unpowdered too. The powdered ones are powdered with corn starch that lubricates the gloves. This will make them easier to slip it into the hand. Lycopodium powder was earlier used, but due to its tissue irritating nature, corn starch replaced lycopodium. Therefore, the unpowdered gloves replaced the powdered ones that are used for surgery. Apart from the doctors and caregivers, criminals are also known to use gloves. Its thickness and tight fitting nature allow for dexterity. So, the fingerprints never really pass on to the surface and as such helps robbers during robbery.

Sterile Latex surgical gloves manufacturers in India are known to manufacture high quality, property preserving gloves that can be used for highly precise and complicated function. Here are some of the things about these gloves.

· Size: They generally come in extra small, small, medium and large sizes. The size of these surgical gloves is based on the measured length across the palm in inches.

· Powder: Powdered gloves are usually preferred because they facilitate donning of them. Talcum powder was once used as a lubricant. It was then replaced by corn starch both of which had side effects.

· Latex: Although latex is the popular choice, it has also been reported that there has been increasing allergy among people and health professionals. Besides this, they are elastic and have excellent tactile sensitivity along with a good grasp.

These are some of the general things you need to know about these surgical and examination gloves. While there are a lot of surgical gloves manufacturers, it is also important you pay attention to the following.

a. Quality: quality of the gloves will differ from one manufacturer to the other. It can also vary from one batch to the other. Therefore it is essential that you check for the imperfections before using them.

b. Hand lotions: Remember not to use hand lotions when using latex gloves. Lotions that contain oil can be risky. Prefer water based hand lotion.

c. Washing: Washing or reusing of the glove is strictly not a choice to make. The glove is tend to tear when you do either of these. Wash your hands very well and remember to dry your hands before you wear them. If not, bacteria will thrive inside the gloves and that is not a good sign.