The best motorcycle helmet type for long way riding

There are six types of motorcycle helmets and I found out that there are some are not good and some are good in a long way ride. Basically, helmets are our head protector for the wind and other hard objects that can bump to us in the road — it can save our life from accident by wearing it. So lets start for all type.

  1. Full-Face Type — This is the first choice for safety and great for long way ride. I can say this because it covers our entire head for protection. According to studies, this type provides the highest protection compare to other types.
  2. Modular or Flip-up — This is the Second on the line and it is a hybrid helmet. It has a feature that on one click of a button it can easily transform into Full-Face or Open Face helmet. Well, it can give you a 100% protection if you transform it into a Full-Face type.
  3. Motocross or Off Road — This is basically used for sports like motocross, extreme riding and trailing. You can used it if you have an Off-Road Motorcycle and if you would like to ride for long but you must used a goggle for vision protection because most of this type doesn’t have a visor.
  4. Open Face or 3/4 — Well, this is very common helmet but it gives you half percentage of safety. Some have visors on it to cover your face but no chin guard which I think it may can’t save your life.
  5. Half Helmet — I can’t recommend this because it gives you uncomfort in dealing with winds and it doesn’t have a chin guard and face guard that would protect you if there is a flying stones in the road. It can give you awesome look but speaking for safety, I can tell that it is poor.
  6. Headwear — This is basically really not recommended, it has the look but no guarantee for safety. It is like a cap or more like a cap.

I there for conclude that for the best motorcycle helmet type for long way ride are the Full-face, Modular and Motocross. I can say it because it give you safety and it can make your riding easier. But also in mind that wearing protective gears can save you from road accidents and be alert on the road.