Saving Images From Google Docs

If your workflow is anything like mine, you’ll find yourself sometimes pasting images straight into a Google Doc without saving them elsewhere. A few minutes later, you realize you need to upload that image somewhere else. An attempt at copy + paste into your photo editor fails. So you try to right click on it but find no save option. You inspect the image element in dev tools but see it’s an svg with an <image> reference, but that URL points to a blob that you cannot access directly.

Rather than simply being able to extract the image from the doc, you end up cursing at your computer and smashing your keyboard on the floor.

Protip: Use the Chrome network tools to find the embedded image

  1. Open Chrome developer tools
  2. Select the Network tab
  3. Add a filter for “googleusercontent
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Scroll to view all images you want to save (otherwise they might not be loaded)
  6. Right click on each image in the network tab preview and select Open in a New Tab

You’re welcome!

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