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How Lance Armstrong Ruined Everything

A monologue from David O'Doherty

A Weekender

Started the weekend early with this Trek 920.

Last month, shared a story in the Medium Bicycles Collection about the nostalgic, adventure trend gripping the bike…

Paris-Roubaix Cyclo Looking Back

Ed. Note: On Hell of the North eve, the High Holy of HTFU, Rob Anderson looks back at his ride over the cobbles.

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Pussy Periscope

A Road It Seems You Could Ride Forever

Getting your groove back and experiencing momentum again, immersing yourself in the ride.

Memorable parties and mostly that Web 2.0 idealism, guess that’s made way for “disruption.”

A Rattling Cage

A couple weekends ago, three of us roadies stopped on the ship canal trail to fix a loose bottle cage and none of us had a tool or a pump…plenty of C02 cartridges though, enough…

Like Your Minivan

Shawn O’Keefe was explaining to me how he bought a cargo bike to take his kids to school, but the convo was really about getting old, being responsible, and two friends that…

Pussy Periscope

First stream watched on @periscopeco was of this and no way to report it. Hope they got a dick-pic editor deleting. It’s like Silicon Valley startups aren’t even trying anymore…

CX Meetup Photos

Continuing with the there’s still value in the SXSW conference experience, but the connections made in the surrounding ecosystem are what really matter narrative, photos from the CX Meetup. And words about it from Kelly Krause, Head of SXSW Interactive Media Relations + SXstyle. She shared them before heading out into the Texas hill country, as the latest Rapha Women

A Mobile Social Moment

This photo shows one of the moments when the bike magic happens during SXSW. Here’s a diverse group of people who ride that are often missed by sports marketers…