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Issue 21 Seasons

The cover: it’s like you want to be wrapped in it, make a comforter with the pattern.

Shower curtain.

Being a Bike Hugger

I’m David Jacobs the CEO of 29th Street Publishing. I help publish Bike Hugger and I’ve been working on publishing technologies on and off with…

Don't Steal Sinyard’s Bike Bro

The enthusiasm for the S-Works McLaren Tarmac delivery wasn't dampened by thieves that morning and then they got caught in a sting, KTVU reports.

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Issue 21 Seasons


Riding with the Real Langster

I swear every single goddamn f’ing time Spesh says it’s a gonna be a slow, recovery ride, Don Langley shows up! Dude will build up the pressure slowly, then…

Small Businesses Thriving on Amazon

Last year, I shared the story of Clip-n-Seal, a product Textura Design (my company) brought to market about a decade ago, and how Amazon featured it as a stocking stuffer during the 2014 holiday season.

Committed to Commuting

On Alki Beach path last night working on a different, artsy shot I noticed all these bike commuters buzzing buy me. One of them, Don Brubeck, stopped and turned around…

Trapped by Technology

It was a liberating and promising tech but Google Glass ultimately trapped me in reactions like this.

CXNats Disappoints

I’m not on the ground in Austin, but as I said in my post about CX nats being canceled, place absolute blame on the promoter and USAC for running the same course on…

Issue 20 Cover Story

The Evolution of Competition

The Evolution of Competition is a free comic and appears in the latest issue of Bike Hugger magazine that drops today on

It’s About Time and Sensors

CES and the Bike Industry

While justifying more marketing and marketing as a focus, marketing as everything in fact, this Adage article does provide insight into what CES and really what consumer electronics, including bicycles, are about and that’s time.

Products unveiled there (at CES) reflect bets on how people…