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The Trek 920 is a Digital Detox

Along the north fork of the Skykomish river, didn't see a car or have any cell coverage. It was what my friend KK+ calls a digital detox. There were no…


I rolled through the intersection and Steve stopped for a late arriving car. That gave me a choice:

A. Attack the hill with a 30-second gap while Steve waited for…

A Bike Commute in Three Acts

Act One

Bike to Work month is when we send inexperienced cyclists out into the city with a wellness goal. Their enthusiasm to get the miles in doesn’t match a skill set and while given plenty of room, one of them ran into me last night.

“Inevitable,” I thought to myself as I helped her up, and continued on my way.

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Pussy Periscope

Sexism and the Bike Industry

It started with an editorial ping of, “Hey have you seen this about Amanda Batty and Pinkbike?” and after some back and forth, Patrick Brady​’s story about sexism in the bike industry continues with Cyclingtips and the Daily Dot picking it up, and ongoing conversation in comment threads.

The New Facebook World Order

While Bike Hugger magazine approaches our 24th issue this week — 2 years of publishing — the media landscape just shifted, like tectonically, when Facebook…

Wasn't that long ago that Google was sued for excerpts of news articles, but Facebook convinces publishers to post entire stories willingly into their platform.

Hirose, Handmade Derailleur

As I parse more marketing language from one of the big 3 bicycle component manufacturers into a Bike Hugger blog post, my mind drifts to a handmade derailleur by…

Well…this reminds me of my experiences with Glass, but that wearable was on my head, instead of a wrist. I felt trapped by the technology.

A Sage Ride

A triathlete, his head down, in a full aero tuck and a face full of misery passes us. Our speed is slower but by all accounts much more enjoyable. The sun is out and the temperature…

In response to Human Odometers

Or hey another way to fill servers with data for VCs to monetize…now it’s with your health! Before, words, then photos, then videos.