Leaving Las Vegas After Denting It

Sep 19, 2017 · 3 min read
Ahead, a right and left brought me to Tern’s house.

When the sidewalk ended and the wind picked up, I wondered where the F I was. A house in a desolate cul-de-sac a couple blocks away from McCarran Airport is where and embedded with Tern bicycles for the US debut of their new GSD.

Galen from Tern giving me the pitch, it’s a good one, and he also forgot his shoes.

The GSD I’ll get into in a bit after I spend a day with it. Know for now that it’s an electric cargo bike, marketed as a car replacement.

But first, here’s the thing about Vegas…I’ve been traveling to conferences and trade shows annually since 1994. Sometimes 2, 3, and once 5 times a year during the big-budget dotcoms. I’m there for the spaces I write in cameras, tech, and the bike. Interbike is the bicycle industry’s trade show, their gathering of the tribe, and I’ve shared a handful of stories from the various venues.

It’s not like I hate Vegas, I don’t, it serves a purpose besides taking people’s money. And, I had some good times here.

A fav of my Vegas-based stories is this for the fiddle while Rome burns moment.

But I’d be happier with dialing the trips back to 1 time and a max of 2 a year.

I won’t miss Interbike, 2017 is its last time year, because the bike tribe can gather anywhere, it’s our Mobile Socials that get me sentimental. If you haven’t heard of the MoSo, it’s a coffee klatch on bikes, an excuse to get together with your buddies and geek out and this year would’ve been the 13th edition. At the intersection of bikes, technology, and culture we had some great rides on the Vegas strip.

One time, the police tried to shut us down

At a stop to regroup, the Sergeant in Charge called me up to discuss the situation. We met in a circle of cop cars with him in the role of rule enforcer from Planet Vegas and me an attache from the Bike Culture universe. It was respectfully agreed that we’d stay in one lane, roll through lights escorted, get back to the Sands, and disperse. They’d guide us. I yelled instructions to the group and they all cheered.

This ride was huge on the Vegas Strip.

The rides were mellower after that, much better organized, and a tradition that will be missed.

Thanks for riding with me all those years in Vegas. Those were some good times. I think the Mobile Socials made a difference.

As the saying goes in tech they “put a dent in the universe.”


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