Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Bill Maher is right, America is stupid and we got what we deserved. The vitriol and hate that spewed from his (and his supporters) mouths is unprecedented. What’s really interesting to me is that Trumpanzee now says “we owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her service” and “I respect President Obama very much” (you remember him Donald, the half breed you didn’t think was born in America that you had your investigators working on?? The biggest disaster of a president in history??)

Personally, I’ll be surprised if he makes it a year without an impeachable offense knocking him down. He’s now sitting in the cockpit of a F16 with the engines running and the owners manual in his hand. It should only take about 10 years to undo the damage he does in 4…….right? right?

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