Our Bicycle Buyers Guide

Below is the honest advice I have given to everyone who comes into the shop looking to buy a bicycle. Hopefully this helps you avoid common problems and leads to you finding a suitable bicycle. Not everyone will fit into the three categories below but they cover enough of the spectrum to give you an idea of what you should be looking for. There is always a balance of quality, price, convenience & support.

New Versus Second Hand

New bikes are a great option. Whilst price goes up considerably buying new, your bike comes with store support and part quality insurance if anything goes wrong. New bikes have no wear or hidden repair costs and can be bought specifically sized for you. Also worth keeping in mind when purchasing a new bike it will hold some value for resale.

With Second hand bikes an individual seller will not guarantee the condition of the bike or provide support if something goes wrong. Store bought second hand bikes are a good middle ground but we will not always have a wide selection. Biker Cō refurbishes second hand bikes, encouraging people to consider this sustainable option if a new bike is not a preferred option.

There is no doubt that excellent second hand bikes can be found in the wilderness online. Although fair warning, when buying second hand without a good working knowledge of bikes sometimes what can look like a great price can turn out to have a $100–200 hidden repair cost. Be aware of this and always test ride and check the bike thoroughly before buying. This does not only go for second hand bikes but also cheaply made and put-together department store bikes. Whilst the $160 price tag for a new bike from some major retail stores may be tempting, the parts are likely to cause you trouble in future.

A to B Cyclist | $100-$400

Biker Cō sells select refurbished bikes and encourages people to consider this sustainable option priced between $100–300. At Biker Cō our new entry level bikes are high quality with a starting price of $380.

Commuter | $400-$1000

In this price range quality improves rapidly. We start getting hydraulic disc brakes, mid-tier group sets, better gear ranges and overall much smoother riding. With this budget you can get yourself a high quality bike.

Rider | $1000+

Riding is a hobby quite possibly a passion of yours. You probably have done your own research and know a good amount about bicycles. We can order in and build most bicycles within 3–7 days as long as we know your size.

Bicycle Fitting

We can also help with a basic fitting of your bike. This is provided free of charge when you buy a bicycle from Biker Cō. If you are having problems with your knees or back that a basic fitting doesn’t fix then it may be worth spending the extra money to see a specialist physio bicycle fitter.

Have anymore questions or just want to check us out? Head over to bikerco.com

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We’re an experienced bike shop focused on providing exceptional service, quality parts and relevant products for every kind of rider.

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