3 most beautiful BikerSeason routes in Brazil

The host of 2016 olympics, Brazil, is for sure one of the most beautiful places in the world for visiting. Brazil worth the visit not only because of the breathtaking nature and sightseeings in its territory, but also for meeting the easygoing and lovely brazilians that treat tourists like family. The huge country contains everything in only one place. Since bucolic villages with beautiful beaches hidden in the middle of nowhere till huge and vibrant metropolis with cosmopolite modern life.

BikerSeason selected 3 of the most beautiful routes available in the app for you to add in your list of future destinations.

Rio Santos

Rio Santos is a highway linking Rio de Janeiro city to the port of Santos in Sao Paulo. The highway is famous for crossing the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro coastal area and is located just few kilometers from the sea. Around the highway are located famous touristic seaside resorts and tourist cities like Itaguai, Mangaratiba, Angra dos Reis, Paraty, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião, Ilhabela, Bertioga.

One of the hundreads of islands around the coast.
Beautiful view from the road

Estrada Real

Old Path

New Path

Diamond Path

The Estrada Real (Royal Street) is a historical path that crosses 3 different states of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The path was created during the golden era of Brazil in the 16th century to transport the gold from Minas Gerais to the ports in Rio and São Paulo. It is full of amazing views, historical charming cities and some of the most beautiful landscapes of the country.

Ouro Preto old town view.

Serra do Rio do Rastro

This mountain range is situated between the municipalities of Lauro Müller and Bom Jardim da Serra, and its highest point is situated at 1,460 metres (4,790 feet) above sea level. In the highest areas of this place, the Atlantic Ocean, located about 100 km (62 mi) away, can be spotted on clear days. Frosts are common and snowfalls can occur in the highest areas.

The path is full of amazing landscapes and beautiful views, luckily during the winter you can see snow in some areas. This route is amazing to get to know the south hospitality of Brazil.

Try no getting dizzy.
The road is surrounded by nature.