I went on a test ride, what happened next will shock you!

Are you the kind that wants to buy a bike, but are just not sure about the kind of vehicle that would suit you? Well, welcome to the club. There are tonnes of us and each one of us wants to own a great bike but is often confused about the kind of bike that would suit us and more importantly if they are efficient for the Indian road too. The easiest two things you can do is to first make a quick bike comparison and also take a test ride also.

Just like everyone else, I thought of the same thing and decided to compare bikes and how well it would suit up for me on the Indian road and also just how it matched up after the test ride. Here is the best way I could compare two wheelers and decide on the performance after trying it out.

Hero Karizma ZMR: I have seen this bike for years and always wondered how the change in design has affected it. Everyone who looks at any two wheeler comparison reads up about the Karizma and ends up reading up about all the positives about it and how well it has been over the years. Well, the bike has been wonderfully made but the changes in design have been a bit of a shortfall. The 223cc engine was raved to be one of the best present in the market and also had stable performance always.

The test drive was completely a different story though, the engine was great and the design was something you can make peace with even though it is not as good as before. But the biggest point which I just could not ignore was the kind of efficiency that the bike compare to others was offering on a general day use.

Bajaj RS 200: The RS 200 is probably one of the highest selling bikes in the market today and that is mainly because of the powered looks it has. The new laser designed body with 24.5 bhp is just one of the best in the market. If you had to look at the reviews, it can be hands down the best reviewed motorcycle in the bike comparison India riders have seen. When you do compare bikes against each other, the power and displacement are the first and most important aspects to it.

The test ride for the Bajaj RS 200 got me excited to say the least. It was powerful and had tremendous balance on the road. It gave me plenty to think of and the test drive was perfect to say the least. It gives you a perfect feel of a great bike and turns out to be my pick of the lot too. If you have to find a great bike today, this would have to be the one albeit after a quick bike comparison.

There are plenty of options present and it always makes sense to quickly compare bike options and realise which one would suit you best.