Which motorbike suits your personality?

Always stuck in deciding which bike would be perfect for you? Well, you are not the only one — most of us want to own the greatest matching bike to our personality, but understanding the right one is not as easy as we think. So, here is a list of bikes that you can choose from based on all that your personality is –

- Sporty with the need for speed: If speed is the one thing that excites you, nothing can compensate the feeling of speeding down an empty road. You are bound to love the feeling of zipping through traffic. There is nothing to change the feeling and you would want a bike that is high on BHP — so from all the options, the Bajaj AS 200 would be the best choice of the lot. Great motor bikes in India come with superior performance and that is pretty much what you get from the Bajaj AS 200.

- Cruising on your mind: The entire cruiser market is meant to be one of the most expensive there this, well that all changed with the launch of the Bajaj Avenger. It was launched with an affordable price to make the whole experience possible. Driving down the highway for a few hours with just good music on — bliss! Nothing would come close to this feeling and it is one thing you would love for a lifetime.

- Style and great looks: The Bajaj V has to be the pick. It is a wonderful looking bike and would be a once in a lifetime chance to own a bike like this. Made from the prestigious INS Vikrant, there is every chance that you own a bit of India’s legacy for a lifetime. Powered with a 150cc engine, you would have an ample amount of power on the road and with a lot of control too.

Owning the right kind of motorbike is easy as long as you can match it to your personality. The moment you do this right, you are getting the best possible bike for you. The right power, acceleration, controls and maintenance is what you need on the road. It would keep you happy, thrilled and excited through the day. Imagine doing a 300 to 400 km ride, it would be the perfect holiday — it is the kind of stuff that keeps you going on. The right bike is all you need to have the best riding experience of a lifetime.