Rail Trail Review: Nashua River Rail Trail

Nashua River Just South of Pepperill Dam

The Nashua River Rail Trail is a 12.5 mile paved path that stretches from Ayer, MA to just across the border into NH, passing through Groton and Pepperill along the way. It is lined by a number of water bodies, beaver ponds, bogs, and, of course, the Nashua River.

It is fairly picturesque, but I don’t think I could do the ride more than occasionally without getting bored. That said, it was bit barren due to being early spring and I think it will be more attractive with leaves on the trees (and especially in the fall foliage). My next ride on the trail will extend to a bar in Nashua, NH for a beer and lunch, giving a total round trip distance of 36 miles. Definitely worth the trip.

UPDATE 5/9/16:

Rode the trail again last night. After having a few beers watching the sunset at the dam in Pepperill, we rode a couple miles south and saw 2 BLACK BEARS chilling on the side of the path. Some yelling and flashlight work drove them into the woods and we raced past. It was awesome. Grade updated accordingly, this trail was way better the second time.

Overall Grade: B

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