Interview with Barbecue Finance

Check out all the questions that the Barbecue team has prepared for us to get all its community to know about Bikini

3 min readNov 27, 2021


This great partnership has increased a lot the exposure of Bikini Finance during its presale, reaching one of the most powerful communities on all the Binance Smart Chain, such as the one Barbecue has built.

But that’s not all. We expect to have cross-farming collaborations shortly after the Bikini Finance platform goes live after the presale ends and the $BIKINI token is released.

Barbecue SousChef has asked some questions to our team about Bikini Finance ecosystem, our future plans, security and more interesting topics. Continue reading to learn all about us.

Questions & Answers

1. Can you briefly describe Bikini Finance?

Bikini Finance is focused on building an all-in-one multichain DeFi ecosystem, featuring an Automated Market Maker, high yield farming, yield aggregation and optimization, NFT marketplace and many more new developments to create a complete decentralized experience for investors.

2. Your presale started yesterday, can you tell us more about that?

Yes, our presale started only a few hours ago and it has already over raised +100%. It reached 100% in less than one hour.
We have built a great community, with help from DeFi Launch Incubation Program. We have a very strong community, and we offer them high-security standards (we are already audited by Certik before launch).

3) Can you explain the benefits of your Referral Program?

A referral system will be in place with $BIKINI. You will get a link to share with your friends on your referral page.
You will earn an extra 2% of each friend reward from farms and pools if they use your link to start farming at Bikini Finance.
This system is automatic, no action is needed from you! The reward will be sent automatically each time your referrals collect their $BIKINI. Real passive income!

Referrals do not lose 2% to his/her referrer. Instead, the MasterChef smart contract will mint an extra 2% and send directly to the referrer.

4) Does your team have experience in other DeFi projects?

Yes, it has. We have a very talented team, they all have experience in other DeFi projects that achieved successful results. Our dev team is quite big and diverse, with some solidity experts that have extensive knowledge of tokenomics design and smart contracts developments.

5) Can you tell us more about the $BIKINI token?

$BIKINI has a max supply of 20.000.000 tokens. That’s in order to build a more sustainable ecosystem.
By holding BIKINI you are being part of our community and you’ll be able to participate in every feature of our all-in-one DeFi Ecosystem, as it’s our native governance token that interacts with the platform.

6) What about marketing? Do you have a plan to increase the visibility of your project?

We built our marketing plan on our Incubation Program with DeFi Launch, so we share some of their media partners.
We have a non-stop marketing policy, that aims to attract new users constantly and continue expanding the project exposure.

We are currently running ads on CryptoNuts, and Bsc News. After launch, we are going with DappRadar and CoinGecko. And we’ll continue renewing and creating new ones in the future.

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