“simply the person who shows that whiteness is a shit stain.”
Loren Carle


thank you for your kind words and your thoughtful engagement.

I think the work of dismantling is a work that I’m not sure how to fully undertake. My job as a thinker and writer is simply to share ideas with the public, to paint pictures with my words that are vivid enough for the reality to peek through the cloud of confusion.

I think your sensibilities are right, though. And I think the position of agnosticism — a position that is as rigorous as it is hard to maintain — is always the place to start. To recognize that we don’t know, to realize that there is so much to realize: this is our task. Jesus is and always will be my guide in this, even as I abandon “god” language for the language of divine love. There’s something about Jesus’ work and words that opens up new ways of being in the world. And for that, I remain eternally grateful.

thank you for your response. May you be well.