Conversations over the Setting Sun

I was watching the sunset and I saw a small child in his early 20’s anxiously speaking over the phone. I could hear him from a distance. It also made me think of my school days. I heard him saying Papa repeatedly on the phone. I was sipping my tea and listening to him. I knew he is explaining something to his father. It reminded of my own conversations with Dad at times.I was in two minds as my mind got curious to hear his whole conversations and at the same time to watch the beautiful sunset that was happening in front of my eye. I started looking at the sunset and then I heard someone calling me with signs. It was the same boy and he wanted to show me something. I thought that he needs some help and I went close to him and he took out his phone and showed me the picture. I smiled seeing the picture and so did he. I kept seeing the boy and he laughed. He asked his phone back and I gave his phone back with nothing to say. He took his phone and kept his phone in the pocket of his pant. He crossed the road and he disappeared leaving the picture of the sunset.