How to become Blockchain Developer

Nov 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Twenty first century brought with itself many revolutionary technologies, among them one is Blockchain. Blockchain is underlying technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We will quickly see what as a developer you need to become a blockchain developer.

DAPP (Distribution Applications)

DAPP’s are apps that have code that runs on distributed peer-to-peer network. Every DAPP has two parts, a front end that’s written on HTML, JAVA on any other programming language and backend (that’s usually a database that’s distributed across the network).

Developing front end of DAPP is as similar to developing a website or a mobile app. If you have experience with web and mobile app development making frontend of DAPP won’t be a problem.

Blockchain platform relies on cryptographic functions to identify a user. There is no concept of personal identity in blockchain. So becoming a blockchain developer requires strong understating and programming experience with cryptography. There is no specific language for cryptography, you can choose any based on your skill set like, C++ or any other.

Embark is a popular java script framework for building DAPP’s.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are usually the backend of DAPPs, it’s a code that runs on the Blockchain. Smart Contracts defines the logic of your business.

A simple use case of smart contract is, a borrower borrows a loan by submitting ten Bitcoins as collaterals. Now if he repays the loan smart contract will be updated and coins will be transferred to lender account. But if borrower becomes a defaulter, his collaterals will be transferred to lenders account.

Having an understanding of above use case, it’ merely an implementation of “if” “else” statements. There are many complex use cases of smart contracts also. Many languages are available for writing smart contracts some of them include LLL, Serpent and Solidity.

Solidity runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine on Blockchain. It is a contract-oriented, high-level language whose syntax is similar to that of JavaScript.

Ethereum is the first choice blockchain platform chosen by new Initial coins offerings ICO’s, if you want to be a blockchain developer Ethereum is the place to start.

The first things which you need as a programmer to start working with Ethereum network is Ethereum client. Two popular available Ethereum clients are Geth and Parity.

Blockchain is a future technology that will open new frontiers, it has possibilities that are yet to be discovered. If you don’t know about this technology you are already too late.

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