Journey To Death

There are many quotations or saying about life, and all these are considered to be true. When we see around us we observe that each person has its own story. Each story is very interesting at the same time its painful also. People pass through different life phases, some give them opportunities to laugh and stay happy whereas some are just sufferings and pains. Last phase of life is always sad and tragic which is journey to death or death.

When a child is born he /she unwary about the life issues. The child only gets love from others and everyone care about him/her which is a childhood phase.

After this a long phase of education is started in which the child suppose to study from school, college and then from university. Meanwhile the child also starts understanding the world and its challenges. The education phase helps the child to make a base for his/her future career. The education phase of the university is one of the most important phases as it lets the person to decide the future and learn about the world.

Then phases of job and practical life are started. During the same phase the person finds a life partner with whom he/she is going to spend remaining life. Understanding the other person is not a easy way, a lot of care and tolerance is needed for this.

Both the persons decide to start a family and have children. Then most of the time they spend their life in upbringing of their children (their childhood, health, education and other necessities of life). The person start losing their elders and the close ones.

The person start feeling alone and tied but he still struggles to end the story on a good note. Sufferings from diseases and health issues makes person more weak. The person starts thinking that his time is closing and soon he will be no more. The person at the end leaves everything behind, and his soul departs from the body. A life which started with love, care reached to a tragic end. People/relatives pray for the departed soul and buried the body but they not only bury a body but they all bury a book of interesting stories.

The soul return to its creator to answer his/her doings whether good or bad but sometime a person have the same in the life what he did with others(karma). It is right to say that a person is always in loss because after getting a lot of knowledge and experiences of life the soul the leave the body.

There are people who unable to see all phases of their lives and even some are unable to open their eyes. Early or late the result is same which is death and we are on a journey to death…

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