How to Win Friends and Influence People

Man is a social animal and can’t live without society. Every one wants that people should know him.It is one of the most urging thing in the human nature that he seeks recognition. I have learnt one simple fact in the life that I will be discussing with you. If you want to be recognized in the society then start giving attention to others. It is same like if you want respect then give respect to other and it will come back to you.

The one simple and the most straight forward method to be liked by others is that you should be genuinely interested in the people. Start practical it and you will see the results. I myself practiced it and found amazing results. I found that people were more interested to talk. One important thing to remember is that if you are giving attention to other then always talk about them and if they ask something about you then answer it and quickly move to a question about them. In this way one will find that you are interested in them and hence when you fulfill their nature of getting recognition then they will be happy and will keep you remember.

As I was going through this practice I found that some of them were amazed that someone asked about them and some were thankful for considering them. While there are some other kind of people who have some problems and everyone has to face problems in life. So, when you contact with such people and listen to them and give them courage then they feel lighter and uplifted. Hence you can help such type of people.