Activity: Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

Edhi sb use Amal Principle of Progress “Kam Kam or Kam.” He did this in his entire life. He want to make a system of Ambulances, and dreamt for it. People often said him “Sheikh Chili” but he was determined and stick to his ideas and vision and did hard work on it with consistency and one day he make it. He start form one patient, one who was on road and had a wound he bring him to mosque and did treatment and now his organization serve millions, he have a small dispensary and first he have only one Ambulance now his network in in Entire Pakistan and in some foreign countries.

In my experience I only follow this principle one time but I was in FSc. I need to get admission in well reputed Engineering university. So I work hard for it and eventually I got successful in getting admission where I want. I use this principle for about half a year. And I became successful to achieve my goal.

I like this principle of Amal and Edhi sab because we have some aim and stick to it work hard one day we will successful and we have that thing which we dreamed. We always get reward of hard working.

#Just start project 
I want to be a professional Android developer and I use this skill for freelancing and earn money. In past I didn’t have a good computer and good Internet connection. As well I think I need very very much things and it will be very difficult I can’t manage this and it is a completely new thing for me. And there are many things in it. Like we have knowledge of graphics, XML markup language, version control, java programming language.

I learn from this experience that nothing is too much difficult we are only afraid from the things. But in real if we start something things explore itself. Things are connected with each other first we know one thing then second thing and so on and this continue and will learn more and more things. So we should do that thing from we are afraid. Because where is a thing of inside if we overcome this we can do everything.

Next step of this project is to work on a specific concept or an idea and make an app on it. I also interested in web development and to open a software house or an Outsourcing firm.

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