Life Of Eidhi Sb And My Life Connections With him

Although there was a passion of helping Humanity in Edhi sb, he keeps on doing different works and keep on learning through those works, he never give up even he has faced many difficulties and many of people criticized him but he didn’t stopped. That was the result of the instructions or the advice of her mother to help the poor or needy ones. So it had been get injected in his blood to serve the humanity. He put all his efforts only to achieve that goal.

After going through his autobiography there are lots of examples that explain his passion to help the humanity. As he himself mention in his autobiography that his will power was very strong and cannot be change easily and it never get change throughout his whole life.

Edhi sb believed that the strengths of words lies in implementation otherwise they are meaningless. He started from doing small beginnings as he didn’t belongs to a very rich family but there was only thing in his mind that he is there in this world for some purpose and he have to help the needy . This thing keep edhi sb motivating. Many of his friends or neighbours start calling him sheikh chilii (an imaginary character who thinks a lot but do nothing) but he used to just smiled back to them saying “ I can begin small, but why should I think small? “

As eidhi sb always involved in productive work but he not only do the work for himself but for other social cause and for others as well so I feel that I also have a little trait of this as I am doing a job with my study where I cannot properly take out time for my studies but I am still doing because I had to support my family as well so I follow the Principle of kam kam kam as I m continuously involved in working and I know that if I continued than I will achieve the spot that I always wanted to achieve for myself and for my family.

Just Start Work

Well, if it’s about me I wanted to learn a new language and the Arabic Language really attracts me a lot there are lots of reason behind learning , it will not wrong If I say I want to learn language from religious prospective.

I thought that as a Muslim whenever we read The Holly Quran we just read it without even understanding the meaning or without its translation, so if you already know that Arabic language it will be easier for you to understand the Basic teachings of Islam.

When I’ve started learning it definitely I feel some challenges as the data was not conveniently available and even I need a proper time, proper place or good internet connection.

I learn from that experience that you just don’t need to afraid or keep on thinking before doing something, the only thing you need to do is to just put all of your efforts without hesitating or fearing from anything and with positive thinking approach. You just need to do, you just need to amal you cannot say anything Is impossible until or unless you get on that.

So now I have decided to learn through things without fearing from failure or thinking that what will other thinks of me.

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