3. Activity: Khudi and Self Learning

Edhi Sb reading

Edhi sb start the job at age of eleven in a cloth market at the shop of haji abdullah paid him a salary of five rupees out which edhi sb save rupee and rast of four rupee gave to his mother.edhi sb collected his saving for helping the needy person.

I chose this example because we can do something better for poor and needy students who cannot pay his schooling fee and discontinue from education.

I have learnt a lot from edhi sb example we should collect small amount money from own pocket money per day and at end of many month will collect huge money then used this for needy person and poor students who cannot pay his fee.

Your #juststart project

I wanted to become a csp officer from childhood because i had dream serve as civil administrated service. i think in this way directly concern with people and do more for that.i will solving their critical problems.i had confronted many challenges like poor in english,lack of confidence and scholarship .main challenge is poor my english and confidence level.

Some challenges i had faced like poor english,lack of confidence and scholarship. i had lot of experience from these challenges like hard working,commitment and dedication towards your project or goal.i had learn hard working from my experience.and also learn each every thing is possible and never give up.next step to overcome these challenges and go ahead completing task. i have some steps like hard working and commitment toward your task.