Developed Using Socket.io & Node.js

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There are a few ways of building a tool for real-time communication. Two of the most popular approaches presuppose the use of HTTP Long Polling or WebSockets. In the article below, you’ll find a brief comparison of both solutions. I decided to focus on the latter solution a little bit more. That’s why in the article, you’ll find a straightforward Socket.io tutorial for building a real-time chat.

What are WebSockets?

WebSockets API is a technology providing a bidirectional communication channel between a client and a server. …

React developers are the future Tech Heroes

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React has been one of the most in-demand front-end frameworks and the backbone of many innovative projects for years. A lot of companies are interested in taking advantage of it to build interactive and high-performance apps. However, before they can compete on the market with their apps, they first need to compete for the attention of skilled React developers! In this article, I’m going to share my experience on how to attract, find, and verify React devs.

I’m sharing some of it so you can grow such teams on your own much like top companies do and save yourself a lot of trial and error. …

Guide to Angular User Authentication with Auth0

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Learn how to add user authentication to Angular using Observables and HTTP Interceptors

The focus of this guide is to help developers learn how to secure an Angular application by implementing user authentication. You’ll enhance an Angular starter application to practice the following security concepts:

  • Add user login and logout.
  • Retrieve user profile information.
  • Protect application routes.
  • Call an API with protected endpoints.

This tutorial uses the Auth0 Angular SDK to secure Angular applications. …


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