WWDC 2018


Apple’ın 4 Haziran’da gerçekleştirdiği WWDC 2018 etkinliğinde öne çıkan gelişmeleri sizler için derledim.

Keynote videosunu izlemek için: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2018/

Etkinlikle paylaşılan istatistikler:

  • 20m uygulama geliştirici.
  • Haftalık 500 milyon App Store ziyaretçisi.
  • Yazılımcılara ödenen 100 milyar dolar.
  • iOS 11 kullanım oranı: %81

iOS 12 — Faster and More Responsive — More power to you.

Xcode debugging is very useful feature while coding. In the number of the Xcode debugging features, there is a useful one I have recently discovered.

As we know, we can easily print all variables in the debugging sesion variable list.

For example:

po anArray
po aString
po evenViewObjects

As I write in the examples, we can print all kind of view objects that inherited from UIView object. What if we should change a property of a view object. For example text of UILabel.

Let’s look at what we should write for this. …

Bilal Arslan

iOS Developer @Turkcell

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