Before studying TQM i use to converse with the professionals in a very lay manner because I was hesitant, reluctant in my behavior.

After studying TQM I am confident enough to talk and explain my point of views with the professionals with the help of Quality principle of communication.


Before TQM I was facing diffculties in my business.

PLAN:After studying I decided to implement a change in my organization by hiring fresh graduates rather than senior experienced workers

DO : employed 2 new fresh graduates

CHECK : there was a vast difference in the motivation level of fresh graduates as compared to senior workers.

ACT: new policy of employing fresh graduates was implemented in the organization


Before studying TQM when ever I used to make any decision I felt that it could have been much better. Which resulted me to lose my confidence on my decision making ability.

After study of TQM I have come to the knowledge that by applying quality tools I can now make my own rational decision on the bases of facts and figures.


Before studying TQM I used to work in a very unprofessional manner which mostly resulted in failure and disappointments. The core concept was always missing in my assignments.

Now I am able to organize my quiz's assignments and work effectively and efficiently by applying the principle of process center in my daily activities . Now I am more process centered in all my projects.


Before the study of TQM I never use to arrange my Closet, room, and my office desk was in a mess. When ever I needed any thing I had to go through a jigsaw puzzle.

After studying TQM a new concept of 5’s has changed my life giving me comfort and ease. I have now implemented and organized my stuff in accordance with 5’s

1. Sorting

2. Sequence

3. Spic and span

4. Standardizing

5. Self-descipline

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