Bilal Basrai - Business Development Techniques For Growing Sales

As a business owner and professional who provides advice to other companies, Bilal Basrai has placed a lot of his focus on business development during his career. Businesses that wish to succeed must have comprehensive plans in place for developing their companies. For many, this comes down to growing sales so that the company increases its revenue and provides itself with the capital needed for expansion.

The following techniques should help your company in this department.

Understand The Sales You Want

It is likely that you work in an industry where there are multiple sales channels available to you and a wide variety of clients who are all searching for different things. It stands to reason that some of these potential clients will be looking for things that your business does not provide, but many companies make the mistake of wasting resources on going after sales from such clients. Understand what you sell and who you want to appeal to when developing your sales strategy.

Always Listen

You will learn nothing from your clients unless you take the time to listen to them. Ask questions and prompt discussions to discover what your clients actually need so you can tailor your sales strategy to suit them.

Focus On The Service

Getting the client onboard is only the first part of the process. Once clients are invested in your company you need to focus on providing a service that rewards their loyalty. Offer help and advice during every part of the process, as positive customer experiences create good word of mouth.

Bilal Basrai is an investment banker and corporate financial analyst.