Informational Interview

I always excited and love to talk with the people who are related my field and on the practical life. So, the informational interview is very important and enjoyable job for me. Basically the HRM is my interested field. And I want to ask a lot of practical question related this field. For this purpose I selected much more persons from the list who are currently working on this field. One is Faizan Anjum who is currently working in the PEL as HR Executive. And I ask a lot of Question about this field. And ask:

1. what is the demand/scope of the HR in Pakistan ?

2. Whether HR is Innovative field or not ?

3. What is the culture of HR in your Company ?

4. May you give information about internship in HR ?

Then he provide me such a comprehensive information about the HR which clear my mind about this field. And recommend me some certification about this field. Provide me guidance how to excel in the career. And many more information which I never know before.

Another one is Saleema Nawab who is also currently working in the PEL. She is very nice girl. She give me broad view of this field and I ask a lot of questions which include:

1. Whether that field is demanded or not ??

2. What is the scope of this field in Pakistan??

3. What are duties of the HR in corporate sector??

He give me answer all the questions very well which motivate me to start my career in this field. And he also suggest me where I can apply for internship programe in the HR.

As far as the learning Is concern I make a lot of new relations with the people who are in the practical life and listen their exposure about this fields and see the practical importance of this field. That really beneficial for me.

In future, I will use all these information which are provided by both of people and connect with them for latest information about this field.

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