Knowing your Abilities:

Knowing about the skills and weakness is very difficult and critical exercise for everyone who wants to identify them and even sometimes people take years to find them. I am also one of them who work a lot to find them but I am not identify them effectively.

But in this week I am really excited when Sir Hisham gives me another opportunity to identify them through your friends.

For this purpose I work day and night to identify the skills/Abilities which I have through my roommates, Social Friends, Classmates and others friends as well. I really surprise when they share the skills and abilities which I have with examples and justifications and most of the skills which they mentioned are new for me I am not totally aware of such skills before and I really motivate about that

Some of the skills which most of my friends mentioned are:

1. Hardworking

2. Challenge Accepting

3. Loyal with Study, Future, Parents and ultimately myself

4. Planned, Organize and efficient on your Task

5. Independent

6. Emotionally Stable

This exercise is very beneficial for me because I understand/ identify more skills which I have with justifications and examples and also find me out what skills I should improve to excel in my career and more surprising thing for me in this activity is that I identify basically what I am and what I want to become in future and whether that is skills are sufficient for me to achieve my dreams.

Inshallah in future, i will use such skills effectively and also tell the interviewer about such skills and strengths confidently and I am committed to use such skills and achieve my objectives.

There are a lot of other abilities which are mentioned by friends but that are not consistent due to different experiences with different people.

1. Always passionate to learn new skills

2. Always Smiling personality nature

3. Dutiful

4. Art of making relations and use their skills for objectives

5. Creative etc.