Khudii and Self Learning….

it’s all about how to be came a self learner by making efforts that meet your needs……

There i never forgot to mention about one of the best humanitarian in the world yes i’m talking about “ ABDUL SATTAR EDHI “

He is known as the true man that completely filled up with Patriotism….

if we want to became a self learner by applying the one of the top principle of “khudii” for being successful in life we need to understand or read the story of Abdul sattar edhii.

From abdul sattar edhi i learned that if you want to achieve big goals you need to start from small efforts or by taking small steps and never let down your efforts by facing little hurdles never give up in any situation keep on your journey towards your goal one day you’ll at the top of your dream.

As he started with small from 8*8 room and a second hand van with bad condition to use that van as an embulance to help patients and this small starting lead him to the world’s largest ambulance network with homeless shelters and orphanages in pakistan….

#Just_Start Project

As i mentioned above that i learned from edhi sahab to take small steps to make your goal achievable so from my just start project …

i have weak communication in English so i decided to overcome this difficulty by making it possible to become flaunt in engllish speaking in front of friends in future with colleagues or with Boss as well as in the public as it is considered the most important way of communication in our society(society in the sense work places)…..

so i started up with little i.e by reading blogs,newspapers and english movies with subtitle and hopefully soon i’ll make it possible inshallah.