What I learnt from ‘EDHI’

Edhi’s life from his birth to the migration was filled with a lot of practices & learnings, troubles & difficulties. But a thorough look of his early life clearly displays that his mother was the person behind what he became later. Yes, the most prominent Philanthropist in the world and his enormous services to Pakistan can never be overlooked. The way a mother trained her little boy is worth reading. When she made him feel ashamed for not delivering the other paisa to someone needy. When she trained him to run back to home to take some material if he found any poor or needy person somewhere in the streets. These little doings collectively trained him to become ‘The Abdul Sattar Edhi’.

What I find encouraging for me from Edhi sb life is actually a blend of two of his exceptional strengths, one is ‘Amal’, to just start doing what you have planned and second is the strong ‘Willpower’ to stand firmly on your decisions. He also states in his autobiography, his willpower was very strong during times of trouble and this attitude was responsible for keeping him the leader of his group. He took so many decisions, and just started working on those. Starting from doing small selling businesses, working on shops, to buying an ambulance. And then his willpower kept him working and moving forward, marking the achievements and never made him look back.

If I relate this to my life. And want to introduce something new & constructive, so here I am ‘Just Starting’ book reading. I always had an interest in it, but it just needed a start. Sometimes I just couldn't start that and sometimes, this habit could not last long. But reading the autobiography, it has ignited me again in two ways. One is, to reach somewhere you need to be consistent, you need to have a strong willpower to make the decisions, and constant motivation to keep you going. Fortunately, not only a kick start, I found a constant source of motivation, and that is ME to start this book reading. I learnt that If I see something good for me, something that can be a source of self-learning. I will go for it. It will just start working on it and work hard as much as I can. Keeping my willpower strong enough to never look back or let my motivation down. So, here I just started my book reading with a sole purpose of self-learning.

So in the end, if I conclude my discussion, Edhi sb life is full of motivations and learnings for everyone reading his autobiography. I learnt the concept of ‘Just Start’ whatever your plans are and what you see best for you, and then be consistent in it. It is the only way to achieve your ultimate goals. And the other great experience is to write my first blog!!