Funny Bizarre Stories You will Ever Know About ‘Pokemon Go’

Apparently, the mobile app game ‘Pokemon Go’ has been making a lot of news these days. It is turning out to be the favorite game for users since the days of the angry birds, where each game player has only one thing in mind; gotta catch them all. The game uses augmented reality (AR) where you can walk around real places and surroundings instead of staying at home comfortably to play it, the essence of the game is to move around different places while staring at the app on the phone to find and capture those dodgy little buggers called Pokémon.

However, people have been finding the game really cute and fun as they have made ‘playing the game’ into an excuse of exercising more while walking around to find and capture Pokémons without the fear of falling or getting knocked down. The game uses some great digital strategy and opportunities, the app sells coins (100 coins at $0.99) to allow players advance faster and collect more Pokémons.

The fan base of the game has grown so popular instantly that during its first nine days, the app had an average number of 21 million daily users and was reported to have been downloaded 15 million times in its first week alone. The game app is also reported with daily users spending a total of 1.6 million each day for app purchases (Pokémon coins, Pokémon lures, Pokémon balls etc.)

The game has been getting so crazy with people that you probably would hear stories such as:

1. Capturing Pokemon Pidgey in the Delivery Room

An awkward situation turned into a Pokémon success story when Jonathan Theriot and his wife were expecting their third daughter, while Jonathan’s wife was waiting to have her C-section, Jonathan spotted a Pidgey and just couldn’t resist capturing it. The photo went viral on Imgur with 3 million views. The couple would sure tell their daughter about their Pokemon success story when she is old enough to say the word Pokemon.

2. ‘Pokemon Go’ captures the Murder Suspect

Two Marines; Seth Ortega and Javier Soch were playing the game, they noticed a suspicious man approaching a woman with her two children who were also playing ‘‘Pokemon Go’ ’ at the same time. The man started touching the boy’s foot and leg for reasons unknown. The man was then reported and questioned by the police who was later found out with an outstanding warrant for an attempted murder in Sonoma, California. Go Pokemon Go.

3. ‘‘Pokemon Go’ ’ causes Break-Up

The New Yorker Evan Scribner did the mistake of going to his ex-girlfriend’s house to capture a Pokemon, however his worst fears were soon realized when his girlfriend accused him of cheating by using the game’s geo location data. She still hasn’t contacted the poor guy since then and we are still not sure if Evan did or didn’t capture the Pokemon after all the trouble.

4. ‘Pokemon Go’ has Sexy Trainers

If you really want to play the game but don’t have time to walk around all day to locate and capture all your favorite Pokemon then No Worries, you can hire your own Pokémon personal trainer to do so, A New York Ivy league student placed an advert on Craigslist that she would charge $20 to walk around the city for four hours to capture all your favorite Pokemon creatures, however the ad has been deleted ever since. A man in Baltimore is also offering his services to drive people around for $25 an hour so that they can catch their favorite Pokemon beasts and show off with their friends.

With all such real life Pokémon stories and incident, the game app has still a lot to offer to the people as they sure love to spend lots of time to play the game with an average time 33 minutes in a day and experience their own special ‘Pokemon Go’ moments.

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