Great article.
Matthew Busel

Thanks! I completely agree — the bar for wearable AR is quite high given the expectation that a majority of folks will put this on their face all day… It simply can’t look like a gadget.

This is why Google Glass failed in consumer, but was greeted with loving arms in enterprise (function over form). This high bar is also one of the reasons I just can’t see Magic Leap coming out with something soon, that’ll go beyond the early adopter audience.

Many VC’s argue that VR is going through it’s “trough of disillusionment” now, and AR will experience the same next year. Who knows what Apple has up it’s sleeve given their slew of AR/VR acquisitions including Primesense and Metaio.

Perhaps the right approach is Snap Inc’s baby step deployment. First it’s a simple wearable camera, eventually the glasses keep getting smarter, all the while building brand loyalty and getting the user based accustomed to the new form factor.