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The New Generation Ponzi Schemes

As we all might have known the definition “ponzi” derived from Charles Ponzi the infamous swindler who was born in Italy and died in Brazil. Throughout the years , a lot of similar ponzi schemes have been played depends on the condition of that day. Nowadays it is what we call “age of technology” , so what Charles Ponzi did with stamps back then new swindlers have been doing it by using cutting edge technologies…

It is all about computers, internet , social media these days so network has been getting wider than ever. New swindlers are taking advantage of this wide network and are not blocking themselves to misuse it.

Çiftlikbank scheme in Turkey

A 26 year old guy named Mehmet Aydın established a so-called game like Farmville and started collecting money from people in August 2016 . “First person who invest on the game was a 16 year old kid” his ex wife said during investigation. “Large scale of real investments on farms and livestocks were apparently just to gild the pill” have been common ground after the blast of scheme.

Even if you had no idea what happened about this whole situation all along , from now on you might have probably guessed it was a new age “ponzi” game. An investor has options to possess various livestocks like chicken ,cow ,sheep ,bee. And obviously the system promises to an investor around %150 profit. So familiar isn’t it?

However , unlike Charles Ponzi did these Turkish crew showed a real business model by giving franchises selling products and laying the foundation of new facilities. And that being the case,”Çiftlikbank” which happens to be “Famegame Hayvancılık Co” did kindle a lot more outsiders’ interest to come and join the system. Besides the fact that the investors were also the advertisement tools for company ,after a while company started using tv channels and newspapers for their own advertisement.

Company Gets Larger

More than 200 franchises in almost every region of the country and tv commercials were the peak period of company. More investors were on the line to join the system every 1 of 4 members of system invested over 10k ₺. Everything seemed well . But then everything became upside down with the inspection of ministry…

“Who would have seen this coming?” An investor said. “ They were on tv ! Governors, member of parliaments were with them during cutting ceremonies” …

Who could blame this investor? It was exposed all along and how come a government could let that happen ? Who would have thought it was a scam while it has been practiced in broad daylight in front of the eyes of government? These are the questions that people have been asking eversince the blast of scheme.

More than 1billion ₺ ( 300million $) had been collected and 692 million ₺ of them delivered back to investors during this whole 1.5 year.

Is he in Uruguay now?

He (Mehmet Aydın) went to Uruguay and got residence permit of that country long before the blast happened. Records show it was at the summer of 2017. And his ex wife also confirms that they went on a honeymoon to Uruguay at that summer.

But lot of people including me do not think that he is in Uruguay at the moment. He could be anywhere now ,but the odds are against him because options are limited as he possesses only a Turkish passport and residence permits of countries like Uruguay, Argentina and UAE. There is a rumour that he might be in Brazil these days. He certainly became a fugitive eventhough he claimed that was not the plan in his voice record message on 16th of March.

Who knows… if history really repeats itself he ends up dying in Brazil just like Charles Ponzi ended up in 1949. Unless he gets caught…As we all know Charles Ponzi got into jail more than once…