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We’re currently looking for a Product Designer and an Associate Product Designer to join the Product Team at Help us redefine the consumer packaged goods industry as we work on redefining the way that our customers think about home and personal care products — from how to find them, to what’s in them and how they’re delivered.

User Research Synthesis

What we’re looking for

Designers should be well versed and comfortable running the full-stack of Product Design and will hit the ground running on some fast-paced projects to support our core product (and possibly some of our internal tooling).

Our team is based in San Francisco, and we’re looking for full-time candidates in the area. While the team is small, we are concentrating hiring efforts for candidates who are able to work onsite.

What does the team look like?

The product team is small, and this will be our third product design hire. We work closely alongside our engineering counterparts — we have 11 engineers in SF and 2 in Belarus. Product and Engineering report to our CTO. Design and engineering both participate in design critiques and sprints together, along with various other stakeholders. We’re looking for designers who are as diligent as our engineers and committed to raising the quality bar for design across the organization.

What makes a good candidate?

Our guiding principle is to think like an owner. This means that we’re looking for candidates who take initiative and are proactive in their approach to projects. Great candidates will have strong opinions, loosely held and preferably guided by data (quantitative and qualitative).

On the technical side, we are looking for designers who are comfortable in all areas of the product design stack — including discovery, research, interaction and visual design.

What to expect:

  1. Portfolio Review (Internal) — We want to see your thought process, from start to finish. We’ll review 2–3 case studies, looking for how you approached the project, what the goal was, what solutions you tried and what the final product looked like. Be sure to include what your role was and who you worked with on the project! If it’s live, please include a link.
  2. Phone Call (15–25 mins) — After we review your application and portfolio, we’ll schedule a quick conversation (with me!). If it feels like a good fit on both sides, we’ll ask you to come in for an on-site.
  3. On-site (~3 hours) — You’ll visit our SF office and meet 1:1 with me, where we’ll talk through your background, working style and process in-depth, followed by a whiteboard exercise with a few more of us. You’ll end the day with a few more 1:1’s with members of our Product, Engineering and Flagship teams.

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